Snap Action Bimetals

Achieve Precise Temperature Control In A Snap

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Snap-Action Bimetals

Snap Action Bimetals

Demaich bimetal snap-action components are economical, consistent, simple, and fast-acting. Moreover, they can withstand wide temperature ranges and harsh environments. Due to this property, they’re often more appropriate than electronic devices, which is why they’re widely used today in appliances- thermostats- switches or circuit breakers – HVAC controls – motors etc, to name only a handful of their thousands of applications.

Manufactured precisely by Demaich in innumerable shapes and sizes with the help of various manufacturing processes such as assembly process (snap action), Bimetals operate at very differing temperatures like from –100°F up 1000°F degrees Fahrenheit;. In contrast, snap actin bimetals perform best between 50°F up 800°F. Depending on the temperature changes and material options, they can also generate forces in different ranges like from grams to pounds. For design, assistance contact Demaich or view our design tools.

Demaich’s streamlined operations can rapidly accommodate production quantities from several thousand up to millions. In this company, we pride ourselves on coordinating our capabilities with our customer’s needs. Because of this coordination, outsourcing to Demaich means your capital outlay, labor costs, manufacturing overhead, and inventory costs are greatly reduced. Furthermore, our strict adherence to customers’ scheduling requirements will minimize your supplier concerns.