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At Demaich, we engineer and manufacture prototypes of Thermostatic Bimetal and Fasteners as well as Precision Metal Stampings for major US and international customers.

For over 40 years, we have developed expertise in several specific stamping areas, including switch or valve parts that are often used within the Automotive Industry. In addition, we finish these products with a history of high-quality manufacturing techniques focused on meeting our customer’s requests at any time to assure prompt service!

Design Expertise
With an early involvement from designers before production starts, issues can be resolved quickly without affecting deadlines so your design is not compromised by execution errors such as tool wear-outs etc…We offer assistance in the practical aspects of product development through new methods like SPC stamping processes to help assure all elements are manufactured to your specifications.
Quality Control
Our range of capabilities can reduce your supplier base and minimize administrative and tooling costs as we can manufacture entire assemblies as well as individual parts.
Single Source
Our full range of capabilities provides a single-source solution that saves on inventory and warehousing space by standardizing part numbers across various suppliers – or multiple assembly lines if necessary? Single sourcing makes it even easier to manage the supply chain.
Savings in Capital and Labor
By outsourcing parts, your capital outlays, labor costs and manufacturing overhead can be reduced. Predictable and controlled expenses result. In addition, we offer Made-in-America, onshore non-union labor at competitive rates with direct UAW employees for contract machining projects!
Product Design and Prototyping
Cost savings are available by using Demaich R&D as an extension of your engineering resources that can provide faster design analysis, cost reduction analysis, process qualification tooling designs and prototyping for full assembly designs.
Controlled Delivery
Our rigid adherence to delivery schedules minimizes your inventory costs while understanding the importance of each product’s OEM specifications to avoid costly charges from expedited freight or high warehousing costs.

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