Smith College Student Engages Demaich Industries for Green Applications using Former Boeing Technology

Northampton, MA—In early 2009, the Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation (CATI), a Wisconsin-based non-profit technology transfer organization along with the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) launched a new initiative to provide underutilized corporate technologies to academic institutions interested in real-world technology commercialization experiences for students. CATI currently manages more than 300 patented technologies and is making those technologies available through a database in which students at participating institutions can “check-out” to create business plans, marketing plans, engineering designs, etc, all with the target of accelerating commercialization.

Smith College is one of several institutions in a CATI initiative to engage students to leverage CATI's database of late-stage intellectual property towards commercialization. During Spring 2009, Stephanie Anderson (Smith '09) is conducting engineering feasibility studies on several business plans based on CATI patents. One of these patents, #6564976, describes using bi-metal discs to create a thermal panel for passive temperature control. A previously completed business plan developed around this patent focuses on commercializing roofing materials that incorporate bi-metal discs to reduce heat loss. Anderson said “using donated bi-metal discs from Rhode Island-based Demaich Industries, Inc., I will evaluate the technical feasibility of the proposed business plan.” The ultimate goal of this work is to reduce energy usage in warehouse facilities, she said.

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